19 RCS is the version that allows you to vary the wheelbase from 18 to 20mm, excellent for both road and track use.

RCS system:

The RCS system patented by Brembo moves the interaxis of the lever through the rotation of an eccentric.

Switching from one configuration to another is really simple and allows you to adjust the braking according to the characteristics of the circuit, of the weather or between road and track.

The braking power will always be the same, but the feeling will be perfect!

  • Technical data:
    -- 19 RCS / leverage translation either 19 x 20 (black) or 19 x 18 (red)
    -- New with Excenter adjustment (3 positions) possible, N (Normal / Standard), S (Sport) and R (Race)
    -- with folding lever
    -- Housing made of forged aluminum
    -- CNC surface edited, hard anodized
    -- with mechanical brakelight switch
    -- Brake Fluid DOT 4, or 5.1
    -- for bolt M10x1,0 for fixing the brake hoses

    Available spare parts 19 RCS:
    110A26398 end lever
    110A26396 end lever, short version
    110A26388 handlebar clamp RCS
    110459291 lever mounting RCS
    110A26377 Brembo lever adjustment knob with click spring for RCS
    110A26389 sticker flag and cover for adjustment
    10467195 brakelight switch
    05338763 bleeder screw RCS
    10312710 hose connector RCS (10312720 is possible, too)

Brake pump Brembo RCS 19x18-20 Corsa Corta

  • Brands Brembo
  • Stock keeping unit: 110C74010
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  • 720.00лв