• What makes HM different from other manufacturers? Here are some points:

  • - Use of only high-quality cold and heat-resistant materials
  • - Cold and heat resistance of the materials between -40° C and +125° C
  • (Info: Quickshifter sensors regularly reach +95 °C on the racetrack)
  • - (In comparison: Quickshifter sensors from in example Cordona are designed for a maximum of 85°C say Cordona.)
  • - Extremely tough product tests with our own BSB racing team and other professional racing teams
  • - no moving parts (Strain Gauge Technology)
  • - Own production of the products in England

  • Most of the other quickshifters can only withstand up to +85° C over the long term, which means that malfunctions or misfires, up to and including defects, occur again and again during racing. In addition, many providers often lack the opportunity for extensive tests. And it is precisely these important points that make the difference in the quality, functionality and durability of the products.

  • The fitment is road or race ready (standard or reverse shifting) and fits both standard and aftermarket rear sets.

HM Quickshifter Easy Lite

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