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Начало ---Количка--- Резервни части Части AIRSAL Цилиндър к-т Airsal M-Racing Derbi 70cc EBE, EBS

Цилиндър к-т Airsal M-Racing Derbi 70cc EBE, EBS
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Цилиндър к-т Airsal M-Racing Derbi 70cc EBE, EBS

( Airsal )
Цена: 319.00 лв

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  • 70cc Racing cylinder of Airsal. Delivery, etc. complete with all components required for assembly as gasket set, pistons, piston rings

    The large 2-piece outlet provides enough power and potential of the kit is equipped with a very high quality MAHLE pistons (2 piston rings). MAHLE is the world's largest producer Kolb used a particularly resistant aluminum alloy and further reduces the risk of piston seizure.

    The Spanish brand supplier sets with its cylinders in aluminum construction with extremely hard chrome coating career, which over cast iron has significantly better heat dissipation. This means that the cylinder is less susceptible to wear and piston seizure due to temperature problems.

    In terms of performance of the M-Racing still has some potential in the timing, which precipitate as delivered something tame. He cares but with its sophisticated torque for decent acceleration and lower speeds than other racing cylinder. This makes it very suitable for everyday use and engine friendly. Using appropriate tuning, carburetor and exhaust system up to 12 hp power can be readily achieved.

    Larger carburetor should be used. Supplied with cylinder head.