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Начало ---Количка--- Резервни части Части AIRSAL Цилиндър к-т Airsal Xtrem Minarelli LC 88cc

Цилиндър к-т Airsal Xtrem Minarelli LC 88cc
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Цилиндър к-т Airsal Xtrem Minarelli LC 88cc

( Airsal )
Цена: 479.00 лв

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  • Airsal offers rich with 88.30 cc displacement probably the largest and most currently available on the market for big bore cylinder kit 50cc 2-stroke engines. High quality workmanship, top brand piston by Vertex, brutal power delivery and unbeatable prices make this cylinder kit for absolute declaration of war against Malossi and Co. For all extreme tuner of the cylinders through the 2-piece exhaust can even adjust options open by porting. Here the currently defined is feasible once again, which may increase now beat it?

    The cylinder should be used with appropriate exhaust systems such as Stage6 R1400 or Yasuni C Series to operate a 21mm carburetor should be the default.

    As the Malossi big bore must also be operated with the Xtreme Airsal a special crankshaft. For this cylinder is to use only the Airsal crankshaft with 45mm stroke. Of course we also have this wave of Airsal in the program. The displacement is achieved by the Spezialhub and a 50mm bore. This makes it necessary to expand the crankcase in order to put the cylinder. A manual is included. The cylinder is still not for the inexperienced tuner. Here is High-End End!


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