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Начало ---Количка--- Резервни части Части AIRSAL Колянов вал Airsal Race Pro Derbi D50B0

Колянов вал Airsal Race Pro Derbi D50B0
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Колянов вал Airsal Race Pro Derbi D50B0

( Airsal )
Цена: 399.00 лв

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  • The new Pro Race crankshaft, the Spanish brand AIRSAL provider goes into the league in field of high quality crankshafts. Absolutely suitable for racing crankshaft at the level of Malossi MHR RHQ, Metrakit Polini Pro Race or the crankshaft.

    The fully forged shaft is manufactured from high alloy steel and hardened 18NiCrMo5 with a special heat process. The full cheek design allows a higher pre-compression and thus ensures better cylinder filling. In the manufacture of the connecting rod in addition, special attention was paid to the load. The connecting rod is forged and fully polished surface to solidify the structure. It is subjected to the same hardening processes such as the crankshaft, thus guaranteeing absolute low wear in the bearings. The silver needle bearings provide excellent storage and speed are set min to more than 16,000 U /. A perfect, dynamically balanced crankshaft for heavy loads and optimum performance in high-end motors.


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