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Начало ---Количка--- Резервни части Части AIRSAL Цилиндър к-т Airsal Sport Honda 125 4T LC - 153cc

Цилиндър к-т Airsal Sport Honda 125 4T LC - 153cc
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Цилиндър к-т Airsal Sport Honda 125 4T LC - 153cc

( Airsal )
Цена: 229.00 лв

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  • Honda Phantheon 125 4T, S-Wing4T INJ, SH 125 I & Scoopy, Dylan 125, KEEWAY: Oulook (QJ153MJ-2) 125 4T. MALAGUTI: Blog (03) 125 4T LC
  • Powerful cylinder kit from Spanish manufacturer Airsal with 153ccm engine displacement. There are all necessary parts included for assembly and gasket set, pistons, piston rings, etc.. The Spanish brand supplier provides cylinders on aluminum construction with extremely hard chrome coating career, which has significantly improved compared with cast iron heat dissipation. Thus, the cylinders are less susceptible to wear and piston help Klemmer by temperature problems.
    The 153cc noticeably better traction from the lower Drehzalbereichen. The cylinder kit can be installed without further adaptation.
    Especially suitable for water-cooled cylinder kit Honda 125cc 4-stroke engines. At 150cc models, this kit can be used as a replacement cylinder.


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