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Начало ---Количка--- Резервни части Части AIRSAL Цилиндър к-т Airsal M-Racing Derbi 77cc D50B0

Цилиндър к-т Airsal M-Racing Derbi 77cc D50B0
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Цилиндър к-т Airsal M-Racing Derbi 77cc D50B0

( Airsal )
Цена: 399.00 лв

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  • 77ccm M Racing cylinder of Airsal. Comes complete with all necessary mounting components such as seal kit, piston, piston ring, etc. (including cylinder head)

    The M-Racing 77ccm corresponds exactly to the timing of the 77ccm Racing and also has the great 2-piece outlet. The difference in the quality MAHLE pistons and the compression ratio. The piston head is constructed of M-convex and Racing, in conjunction with the special cylinder head very good compression levels. The piston is equipped with a piston ring reduces friction losses and thus provides the last bit of power. MAHLE used as the world's largest piston manufacturer, a particularly resistant aluminum alloy and further reduces the risk of piston seizure.

    Airsal sets with its cylinders on aluminum construction with an extremely hard coating Nicasil career [chromed], which has significantly improved compared with cast iron heat dissipation. Thus, the cylinders are less susceptible to wear and piston temperature by jamming problems.

    Work on the adaptation of this cylinder crankcase are not necessary.


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