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Колянов вал Minarelli AM6
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Колянов вал Minarelli AM6

( TopRacing )
Цена: 210.00 лв

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  • High Quality full circle racing crankshaft top racing.

    The Portuguese crankshaft specialist has been a guarantee of high quality crankshafts. The most modern production facilities and over 50 years of experience, as well as standard racing crankshafts to the first choice.

    The full cheeks HQ wave increases the precompression in the crankcase, which leads to a significantly greater degree of filling. The power speed shifts in the upper range. Due to the increased inertia of the solid metal design not only increases performance but also the torque. Preferably, this wave should be used in conjunction with 70cc cylinders. At 50 he-cylinders of the performance gain is somewhat lower.

    The crankshaft is supplied with wrist pin bearing.


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