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Гуми Dunlop KR106 & KR108 к-т
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Гуми Dunlop KR106 & KR108 к-т

( Dunlop )
Цена: 770.00 лв

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  • KR108: The Dunlop KR 108 is a victorious race tire, which is very successful used by Dunlop riders in the IDM Superbike and the "Isle of Man TT". The KR106 / KR108 is suitable for professional, amateur and trackday riders who want to test their limits on the racetrack.

    With the innovative NTEC system drivers can lower the tire pressure on the track for the ultimate grip.
    Multi-Tread technology for maximum traction in inclined position, reliable traction when accelerating out of corners and increased mileage.
    By Breaker Belts (cut belt plies) of nylon and a endless belt wound aramid a cooler running and predictable performance can be achieved.
    New JLT-strip winding technology for more grip between tread center and shoulder area, and extreme tire stability at high speeds.