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Начало Racing Motorbike Parts
Стартер CPI/Keeway 2T 50ccJTF433-14z

Масло Ohlins fork oil R&T 43
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Масло Ohlins fork oil R&T 43

( Ohlins )
Цена: 80.00 лв

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Ohlins fork oil fully synthetic. The oil Ohlins has high technical features, and is developed for all forks or aftermarket brand Ohlins type FG FGR FGRT etc in fact totally reduces friction and promotes smooth fork. The technical skills and the rich dose of additives, defoamers allow high qualities, with the result of the constant in the hydraulic regoazioni, which remain even after miles of use in circuit and at any temperature.

The oil is an oil Ohlins particularly valuable and the department of research and development has created a unique mix, making this product the best in the world.

The oil Ohlins is indicated in all the forks of series to improve performance.

It is recommended that the annual replacement of oil in the forks or at least every 6000 km for maximum efficiency.